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When you train with Team Pitcher you benefit not only from Jacques' expertise, but also from my eight years of competing. While Team Pitcher is Jacques' enterprise, I step in to help out with many areas where I have gained insight over the years. We want each competitor to present him or herself as polished and professional as possible whether it's your first show or not. You'll receive tutorials and resources for:
  • Suit, shoe & accessory selection
  • Stage make up & hair
  • Tanning & skin prep
  • Presentation, posing & stage attitude
  • What to pack backstage, or traveling to a show
  • An athlete's responsibilities
I'll compete nationally this year, and will have competed in bodybuilding, women's physique, figure, and bikini. Each division is unique. I have the knowledge to help you manage your expenses in this sport, find great resources and look beautiful on stage. I am also an NPC judge and can help you navigate what judges are looking for in each division. We want you to have a great experience and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are well prepared. It's the Team Pitcher difference! 

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Your Host- Kris Pitcher
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With Kris!
Karly Gomez - Team Pitcher Athlete!

Karly will join me in Chicago this season as we hit the National stage competing in the NPC Jr. Nationals. She is an inspirational athlete, an amazing mother of two energetic boys, and the loving wife to her supportive husband Manuel. Check out her progress on her blog. 

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Ready to Compete?

Or maybe just wondering what it's all about? Competing is something most anyone can take on. From reaching personal goals at the local level to taking the national stage with your eye on professional IFBB status...there's something for everyone.

There are more options than ever for ladies to get involved. There are four categories where you can find your fit. From 'bikini' offering the athletic, fit & fun beach-body look, to 'figure' looking to the more defined, leaner physique displaying the beauty of the 'X' created by capped shoulders, a small waist, & a strong sweep to the thighs.  

Next up is a new category, 'women's physique' taking the figure look more muscular and defined, leaner & in the tradition of classic women's bodybuilding - without the mass of current professional female bodybuilders. Finally, 'women's bodybuilding' for those who can put more mass & thickness on their frames, achieving that lean, cut traditional bodybuilding look. 

Categories are broken down by age and in the case of the new bikini, and of figure, by height. There truly is something for everyone!

I started competing at the age of 38, and hope to keep getting better every year. Elaine Craig, of Craig Productions, introduced the "Masters Fit Body Bikini" category for ladies over 50 - and those gals looked fantastic! 

The sport has something to offer to anyone interested in getting involved. Find out how to get started on your journey by contacting us!