Fitness Solutions... is for people who are looking for guidance, education, accountability and progressive, measurable outcomes. I can help you get to the next level through:

Nutritional Coaching
Program Design
Personal Training
Full Contest Preparation
Posing Practice

There have been inquiries as to the availability to work with Team Pitcher. While I am accepting clients for all divisions and I work with athletes of all levels I am only working with serious competitors ready to move to the the next level. If you're looking to progress to the next level it's time to make your commitment. Whether it's your first show, or you're ready to compete at the National level - I can work with you to meet your goals. I do contest prep for clients locally, and across the country, designing an individualized approach for each person. What commitment are you ready to make?

You don't live in the Spokane area? No problem, I work with many people long distance utilizing the internet, phone and texting.

Welcome to TEAM PITCHER!

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